HabbaLava Hot Sauce
For those who like great flavor AND heat...
here are some suggestions!

Caution:  Not for the culinary impaired!!!

The Regular Strength:
A little hotter with much more flavor than your standard Tabasco® type sauce. The concept works due to the unique combination of spices and peppers providing a great base for cooking creativity. Good for chicken, beef, venison, seafood, fish, shrimp, mushrooms, Cajun/Creole foods and of course, a spicy Bloody Mary or two.
(Create a Volcanic Mary with a tablespoon or so of the Lava Strength™ or go for the max with Magma Strength™.)

The Lava Strength™:
Basically the same spice package with a bit more heat thanks to a touch of habanero, scotch bonnet and other special peppers. It’s not at all like Dave’s Insanity Sauce®, simply flavor and a little heat. The heat typically lasts around a minute followed by a series of flavors on your pallet. Try it and see for yourself! This one is our most popular version.

The Magma Strength™:
For those who want the ultimate in some heat and flavor there’s the Magma Strength. Just as magma is hotter than lava, it’s the same concept.


Habbalava™ Sauces:

  • Relatively viscous (thick) compared to conventional pepper sauces
  • Stays with whatever you are grilling
  • Like a BBQ sauce you get a thin char if so desired without the addition of
    traditional sugars and/or molasses
  • If you use a 50/50 mix of the sauce and your favorite BBQ sauce, it’s rather good on ribs.

I also recommend a little fresh lime juice and splash of wine when cooking with it.
Of course a glass or two is truly good for the cook as well.

Try it on stuffed jalapenos. Add chopped Portobello’s, garlic, cheese, sausage, shrimp, etc plus a little regular or lava style. Then stuff the peppers. Let ‘em soak in a good red wine and grill.  Mmmmm!!!!

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